Submitted by:  Camille Powell


Everyone should follow the idea of “Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.” While, like the stock market, the waiting game for a real estate payoff can prove to be taxing, the reward is an overly sweet victory. You may even get a few more hours of sleep along the way. Prior to 2020, properties typically appreciated at a little under 4% per year. However, even individuals that purchased homes in 2020 have seen an increase in home value after just one year of homeownership. 2021 is going to be another pivotal year for real estate, and it is estimated that the real estate market will see its highest level of activity ever, and home values are expected to continue to rise. As numbers have surged during the pandemic, they are going to continue to grow for a different reason. As the stock market adjusts to its new normal, the real estate market is growing stronger and stronger. And more importantly, it is growing with stability. An investment in real estate is an investment in a tangible item. This tangible thing is not managed by an investment firm on Wall Street, or through an app – how stressful is that? Real estate is a physical investment that you can touch, feel and live in. Not only is the investment tangible, but as home appreciation values continue to rise, real estate continues to prove a valuable investment as well. These opportunities available in real estate are going to cause a tech disruption on the investment side. 2021 will see a plethora of offshoot companies and crowdfunding for real estate that has not been seen before. Real estate investments have generally been focused on the brokerage side, but it makes sense for individuals to pull their money together, buy a property, and have that value appreciate. Call your friends, go buy some properties. Then let the market do the rest of the work. When investing in real estate, you do not have to watch the value appreciate through a chart. You can drive-by your investment, disguised as a property, and check it out for yourself.