A gallery art wall may be just the perfect addition for your home. Blanks walls needing attention. A gallery wall is a perfect way to liven any space. Start by choosing a color theme. Picking cohesive colors that complement each other well is important. Are you going for bold, bright colors? A neutral pallet? Monochromatic? Choose your color theme first. Use your biggest piece first. Placing your biggest piece on the wall first allows you to balance out the rest of your

artwork to make an eye-pleasing flow. Bring in texture. By choosing different textures, shapes, and sizes you are really adding dimension to your gallery wall. Try mixing art canvas with art decor for a more eclectic look. Mix Shapes and Sizes. Do not be afraid to mix horizontals and vertical pieces of varying sizes, this creates the desired gallery look. Frame it. A variety of frame thickness, color, styles can really bring the wall to life. You want to make sure you have a variety of frames or all of them the same depending on your aesthetic goal. Add personal touches. Adding pieces of your personal life or family such as photos, postcards, handwritten letters,

heirlooms can really make the gallery meaningful.